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Meerane - accessible and in the centre of things
Umland Meerane

Meerane is centrally located in the Leipzig – Chemnitz – Zwickau economic triangle and can be reached using the A4 motorway and B 93 national road. The A4 connects Thuringia to Meerane and eastern Saxony. Dresden, the capital of Saxony, is only 1 hour away by car. Erfurt, in the opposite direction, can be reached in the same amount of time. The four-lane B 93 enables quick access to Zwickau in the south and the Leipzig area in the north. Meerane, in the middle of a region characterized by the automotive industry, therefore has excellent traffic connections, making the town an ideal place for industry and business and aiding accessibility to the economic areas of Saxony and Thuringia.

These areas are home to universities and research institutions of high repute, such as the Technical University of Chemnitz, the TU Bergakademie of Freiberg, the Technical University of Dresden, the University of Leipzig, the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena and the University of Applied Sciences in Zwickau.

Traffic connections Motorways/Federal highways

A 4 Dresden-Eisenach
Meerane Ost/Glauchau West
A 72 Dresden-Chemnitz-Hof
B 93 Leipzig-Zwickau


Connected to central German rail routes
Situated on the west-east Saxon rail corridor


Distance to other cities

Zwickau 20 km
Altenburg 20 km
Gera 30 km
Chemnitz 35 km
Leipzig 65 km
Dresden 110 km
Erfurt 120 km
Hof 120 km
Prague 170 km
Nuremberg 230 km
Berlin 270 km
Munich 400 km

Inhabitants October 2008: 16,371
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