Meerane - an economic Location

                      The economic location

Meerane emerged as a traditional industrial location of the textile-producing region of Crimmitschau – Meerane – Glauchau and as a core site of the automotive industry. Today it is a modern, efficient and competitive economic location.Small to medium-sized companies enjoy convenient conditions here which encourage them to set up in this city. Excellent traffic connections and the town's central position in the economic triangle of Leipzig – Chemnitz- Zwickau speak for Meerane. The heart of this economic activity is the trading estate “Meerane Südwest”, located on the A4 and B93. It is the best location for industry, commerce and trade.Around 1,200 companies are present in the city, providing 7,500 jobs. These include industrial and commercial interests in the town centre, firms employing or run by skilled workers and the trade and service sectors.



Industrial diversity

The economy of Meerane is characterized by modern industries. In recent years many well-known car manufacturing suppliers have established themselves in the city, including four large system suppliers which produce for the VW factory in Mosel. This is one of the most modern automobile factories in the world and is situated in nearby Zwickau. The expansion of the automotive industry in Saxony was followed by companies in Meerane also increasing their range and activities. An example for this is the production of parts for the Porsche factory in Leipzig.Meerane as an economic location has been successful in implementing innovative and lasting structures. Industrial diversity is the main idea today: steam generators, mechanical engineering and construction, the food and printing industry, logistics, metal construction, software companies, precision and measurement engineering and pharmaceutical wholesaling are some of the successful activities. Meerane also works with solar energy – there are two solar power stations and companies linked with the solar energy industry. The solar power stations provide 18% of the town'selectricity. Many companies from Meerane are also successful at exporting to world markets. Some companies located in the city belong to worldwide business networks; for example multinationals such as Hitachi/Japan, the KNM-Group/Malaysia or ProLogis/USA. However, local companies are also important for industrial diversity. There are approximately 200 tradesmen's firms in Meerane, which strengthen the trade structure of the town.

Innovation and research location

Companies from Meerane do not only produce renowned products, but are also active in operations research: From software development for facility management to integrated production processes, welding techniques in steam generators, computer controlled welding machines for structural engineering, waste water treatment in the textiles industry, measuring systems for ship engines, battery technology and door modules for the automotive industry. Research institutions at universities are involved with these processes. In the local area students from the Technical University in Chemnitz, the University of Applied Sciences in Zwickau and the University of Cooperative Education in Glauchau work on some projects, ensuring that Meerane experiences the trendsetting integration of theory and practice.