Investing in Meerane

Trading estate Meerane Südwest – a good address!

The trading estate Meerane Südwest is one of the largest industrial estates in the administrative district of Chemnitz and is an important economic location and employer for Meerane and the region.

Building on the trading estate began on 16 October 1991 and the first investors, ANZAG pharmaceutical wholesaling, laid their foundation stone just over a month later. The first company to open on the site was HLS on 1 July 1992. The infrastructure of the trading estate was developed further and completed by May 1995. Its excellent location on the B93 and A4 roads enable the Südwest trading estate to offer the best conditions for industry, commerce and trade. At present there are around 130 companies representing various interests on the estate. Renowned system suppliers for the automobile industry use “just in time” methods for the nearby VW factory in Mosel and other companies. Additionally, the trading estate also boasts a hophone, restaurants and a special needs school. In the years between 1994 and 2004 the “Meeraner Hochzeitswald” (“Wedding Wood”) was created, completing and complementing the green belt around the town. Since then work has continued on extending this green area.


Office for the Promotion of Trade and Industry/Marketing
Mayor Professor Dr. Lothar Ungerer
Lörracher Platz 1
phone.:+49 3764/54234
fax: +49 3764/54301

 Town Council Meerane
Professor Dr. Lothar Ungerer
Mayor’s office
Lörracher Platz 1
phone.: +49 3764/54234
fax: +49 3764/54301


Facts and figures about the trading estate Meerane Südwest                             Effective: 6/2008 Gross area: 149 ha (369 acre)
Net area: 85,9 ha (212 acre)
Occupancy: c. 130 companies
Occupancy rate: 91.8 %
Jobs: c. 3300

The town of Meerane still has over 7 ha at its disposal – 3.5 ha of which are intended for new companies. Other areas are privaphoney owned. Property prices: from €32 per sq metre – negotiable according to subsidy eligibility.

Traffic connections Motorways and highways
A 4 Dresden-Eisenach
Meerane Ost/Glauchau West
A 72 Dresden-Chemnitz-Hof
B 93 Leipzig-Zwickau

Rail lines
Central German rail routes
West-East Saxon rail corridor

Leipzig-Altenburg Airport