Locational factors

Meerane – the location for small and medium-sized businesses

We offer

  • Ideal traffic connections
  • An excellent technical infrastructure, secure supply of energy and media sources
  • Ideal location for industry, trade, commerce and tertiary sector
  • Ideal location for companies on the biggest trading estate of the administrative district of Chemnitz – already used by renowned German and international companies
  • Possibility to buy property
  • Possibility to rent or acquire industrial wasphone:nd for redevelopment
  • Large range of residential areas
  • Good infrastructure
  • Good social and health services
  • Varied leisure and cultural activities
  • Subsidies and financial opportunities for investments
  • Investment grants
  • Investment bonuses
  • Special amortisation
  • Special job creation schemes
  • Low-interest loans
  • Surety programmes
  • Consolidation loans


Commercial tax rate of assessment 397,5
Rates A rate of assessment 380
Rates B rate of assessment 440

Electricity and gas
Individual questions to customer services (Kundenbüro) at Stadtwerke Meerane GmbH, price list on www.sw-meerane.de

Drinking water
1.86 euro/cubic metre (+ 7% VAT)
Further information provided by the regional water corporation:
Zweckverband Wasserversorgung (RZV)
phone: +49 3764 / 40 50

Waste water
2.53 euro/cubic metre (no VAT)
Further information provided by
waste water corporation (Abwasserzweckverband) (AZV) Götzenthal
phone: +49 3764 / 7 91 90
Just ask – we like to give advice!
Office for the Promotion of Trade and Industry/Marketing
Manager: Mayor Professor Dr. Lothar Ungerer
phone: +49 3764-54234
fax: +49 3764-54301
e-mail: bm@meerane.eu

Local banks can give information on specific funding matters.