The "Steep Wall"

The “Steep Wall“ (German: “Steile Wand”) is the most famous street in Meerane. It is a landmark and also an important conservation area within the town. There is a difference in height of 30m along the street’s 248m – a special challenge for bicycle racing events. The spectacular mountain racing classification for the street has made the „Steep Wall“of Meerane famous.

Cyclists all over the world know (and fear) the “Wall”. The 13 per cent gradient has forced many a cyclist to dismount and carry his or her bike to the top. Until the 1980’s cycling up the street was incorporated into a “Peace Race” which came to Meerane once a year. Today cyclists or drivers of vintage cars taking part in the Interanational Tour of Saxony, the Tour of Germany or the SachsenClassic race try to conquer the “Steep Wall”.